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Kids can Connect to Santa

Kids can connect to Santa via iPad, Kindle, Smartphone tablet and other Smart Devices with the new All I Want From Santa™ 3.0 Smartphone App – now released with even More Access to St. Nick than ever before!


Laguna Niguel, California, November 29, 2012 – Iconosys, Inc., a leader in family safety Smartphone app development as well as lifestyle Smartphone applications, including the ever popular Trick or Tracker®, Drive Reply® and more than 100 other innovative apps focused on child, teen, and family safety, today announces the release of the new and enhanced All I Want From SantaTM 3.0, a Smartphone/Smart Device app that allows for the continuation of those precious childhood Christmas dreams by giving kids around the world the chance to create, update, and send their wish lists and letters to Santa.  This app also enhances gift giving by Mom, Dad and/or other adults by sending a text message or email to the parent’s or adult’s phone, letting them know when the child has added something new to his or her gift wish list.


All I Want From Santa™ 3.0 Features Include:

  • A very polished, “Santa-Official,” and a unique, yet easy-to-use interface.
  • Add, edit, delete functionality for a customized database of wish list items per child user; the app also sends updates to Santa (and the gift giving adult) each time the child desires to change the wish list.
  • A priority ordering system for gifts, which allows the child to organize his or her gift lists and gives the parents guidance on what is most important to their children in terms of must-have presents.
  • Unique login accounts, which allows parents to manage their gift giving for an unlimited number of children per Smartphone app.
  • Archive previous years wish-list and letters to Santa for retrieving at later years for reminiscing and sharing.






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